Monday, January 9, 2012

Cute facts about Kang Min Hyuk

Kang Min Hyuk   

Birthdate : 06.28.1991
Height & Weight : 184 cm & 60kg
Bloodtype : A
Image : Lovely
Hobby : Football, basketball
Specialty : flute and drums
Attraction : eye smile 

1. Kang Minhyuk has a specialty in flute. Next to drums, it’s the instrument he can play very well.
2. He naturally likes older women because he also has an older sister that treats him well.
3. Next to Jonghyun, Minhyuk excels in sports. He likes Baseball, Soccer and Basketball.
4. His middle school nickname was Kang Goon (Kang – his last name; Goon – a Korean term for a young lad).
5. He loves playing games on his PSP.
6. He met Jungshin for the 1st time at the Ilsan English School.
7. For Minhyuk, music and food are the same in his life, a day without music would leave you very uneasy.
8. The girl group that he wants to be close with is Wonder Girls.
9. Minhyuk also wants to host with Kim Heechul of Super Junior.
10. He admits in reacting very slow so if he was a girl he would choose Jungshin because he is funny and lively most of the time.
11. Through the drama, “It’s Okay, Daddy’s Daughter”, Minhyuk and Super Junior’s Donghae grew a closer brother-like relationship.
12. When it comes to girls, Minhyuk does not care about looks and likes someone he feels comfortable with.
13. Minhyuk’s dad is his drum teacher.
14. Minhyuk is the type who’s stable and quiet. But when he’s feeling good he can be quite playful.
15. Minhyuk hopes to become a drummer like the Dream Theatre’s Mike Portnoy.
16. Minhyuk likes anime such as Bleach, Naruto and One Piece.
17. Minhyuk and FT Island’s Minhwan became close after meeting 3 times. They became close so quickly because they share the same interests.
18. Minhyuk makes an effort to practice playing drums more recently since his drama is over. He bought new small cymbals for their new album.
19. Minhyuk’s recent favorite songs are by Owl City. He said “They sound very refreshing and their style is very unique, sometimes dreamy, and sometimes sunshine-bright. So I like their songs a lot.”
20. Minhyuk is a big fan of Kim Tae Hee (IRIS, Love Story in Harvard) and he really love to meet her in person.
21. Minhyuk revealed in order to get familiar with the camera; he did a lot of practice in private.
22. He had fallen for “very spicy jjigae” which he didn’t liked eating before.
23. He is voted as The Coolest Member of CNBLUE.
24. Minhyuk likes wearing sweats /training suits and also the neat and tidy, smart type of clothes.
25. His skin is very smooth like a baby and other CNBLUE members are admitting in following his skin care practices.


  1. i super likke your blog.......
    we have the same list of idol except hee chul b-coz i like lee teuk more than hee chul...
    but your blog is the best

  2. nice...what a cute blog...thanks for sharing facts bout did you get them???...anyway...Minhyuk and me..somehow share some characteristics....I hope I can watch "It's okay,Daddy's Daughter" too..coz both Minhyuk and Donghae are there....more love and luck to you..may God bless you ~<3

  3. this is cool ., your blog is great and perfect .. i enjoy reading some details about idol's , we have the same idol's but the different is i <3 BLUE STORM member .. all of them but oppa Jungshin is really my love .. haha cause they have similarity with my ultimate crush ., :D i also like FT ISLAND because of their songs , it feels relaxing specially oppa hongki's Powerful Voice and lastly oppa geun suk .. i am no. 1 fan of he's beautiful because of this soap opera , i am totally in love with KOREAN DRAMA and i <3 Japanese amime .. :)

    1. I think we share the same likes! I also love korean Drama! But i like Manga more than Anime! But anyways thank you..